OWT White Logo Ladies Tank

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One day while having some delicious beignets in one of our favorite spots in New Orleans, a friend and I were there, munching on those delicious warm pastries and contemplating on how lucky we were to be able to travel often and see so many things. We felt like we belonged to a great group of fortunate people. That year I took six trips with five of them being straight in a row. One weekend I was in Seattle and the following I was flying back up north to Portland! Another month I was seeing the beauty of Yucatan Mexico and the following month I was sipping on a nice warm cup of tea in London. It was a great year and they were all wonderful trips. Everyone kept joking and telling me that I was world traveler! That word really resonated with me, I felt like it suited me. I wasn't rich, lived a modest life but instead of going gout every weekend and spending money on unnecessary things, I save up to take trips. After all that, I came up with this logo because I believe that anyone who gets out there and enjoys life to the fullest is a world traveler. Anyone who is willing to let mother earth teach you about life is a world traveler. Anyone who got on hikes and sits on the edge of the Ganges river contemplating on how beautiful this world is, is a world traveler. Come and show the world you love it and everything it has to offer by being part of the OWT family with this cool design that is very dear to our heart and hope it will be for you too.


4 oz.

60% combed ringspun cotton/40% polyester lightweight jersey


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