Moore Love Womens Shirt

  • $22.00


In today’s world, hatred has become the easiest thing to see. In a world that has, in so many ways, become increasingly dark which is why I feel so strongly to shed love and light any way that I can. Upon sending me a few of their products, OWT Wear also designed this Moore Love shirt and mug— out of complete love! It just goes to show that when you speak love out into the world, everyone knows the power of love; regardless of gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, race, or ethnicity. While writing Love Will Find You Elsewhere, I made it a point to address the truest forms of love starting with accepting the love you need, finding the love you deserve, loving yourself first and holding onto the real love you’ve found. The #MooreLove campaign has been designed to create a positive, inclusive and loving movement to promote sharing and finding Moore Love in anything and everything we do.
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